Return an item for a refund

If your item arrives damaged, doesn't match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it for a refund. If you've changed your mind and want to return it, you can ask the seller if they'll accept a return. You can return it even if the seller's returns policy says they don't accept returns.

Start a return

To start a return, select the item you want to send back from your order history, or go to returns.

The Merchant has 3 business days to get back to you. How they respond depends on the reason for your return.

You can track the progress of your return request by going to your Order history.


When the seller accepts your return, you'll receive an email to return the item. You'll need to send it back within 5 business days. The Buyer is responsible for shipping charges.


When you send your item back we recommend using tracked shipping. Adding tracking details to your return helps protect against delays or issues in the refund process. If you use Prufal Express label, tracking details are provided. If you're using a different returns label, you should manually add tracking details to the return.

When you're sending the item back, repack it carefully, and keep in mind that the condition you send the item back to the seller in is important.


Get your refund

Once the Merchant receives the item back from you, or once they've agreed to refund you and let you keep the item, Prufal takes 2 business days to issue your refund. When they do, you'll receive an email letting you know.


It usually takes 1 to 5 business days for a PayPal refund to go through. If you paid with a credit card, it may take up to 30 days to process, depending on your card provider.


Cancel a return request


If you've changed your mind about a return, and no longer want to return your item, you can cancel your request. To cancel first message the Merchant notifying them, then contact us via [email protected] or open a support ticket with the subject line "Cancel My Return Request" along with your order ID or invoice number. We will email you once everything is processed.